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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Midnight Library Series

Hye semua..

Sebelum-sebelum ini Sha ada share review beberapa buah buku dari The Midnight Library Series kan.. Kali ini Sha share terus semua tajuk yang ada dalam koleksi The Midnight Library ini..
Owh ya.. Jangan tertipu dengan tajuknya ye...
Walaupun ada perkataan Library tapi buku ini bukan cerita pasal keseraman library.. Hehehe..
Ada dua penulis untuk The Midnight Library Series iaitu Damien Graves (US) and Nick Shadow (UK).. Yang Sha baca ini penulisnya Nick Shadow..

  1. Voices: Katie has a special power to hear voice in her head of the future but she does not know what trouble they can lead her to.
  2. Blood and Sand: John and his sister Sarah are on their annual vacation when they decide to enter the sand sculpture contest. They are puzzled as they discover the reason the Sandman's sculptures always look so real.
  3. End Game: Simon is a computer fanatic but when he gets a new computer game, it's not afraid to mess with people's lives.
  4. Cat Lady: Chloe never quite believed her friends stories about cat lady but when a dare goes terribly wrong, she finds out the truth is even more terrifying then anyone has ever imagined.
  5. Liar: Lauren is shy. She just wants a friend but finds herself creating a monster...
  6. Shut Your Mouth: Louise and her friends just want to steal candy, but their plan goes horribly wrong...
  7. I Can See You: Michael is moving into the countryside he find out the dark is dangerous. Michael didn't want to move out of the city in the first place. And wandering around the country side in the dark really isn't his idea of fun - particularly when he finds out how dangerous the dark can be....
  8. The Catch (US title: The Deadly Catch): A canoeing trip turns dangerous.David and Adam aren't too worried when they get lost on the open sea.But when they discover an abandoned boat in the fog,things start to turn nasty. Who- or what- lies in wait beyond the waves?
  9. The Whisperer: Rachel has always wanted to be a journalist,so writing for the student paper is the perfect opportunity. But then her column begins to write itself,and soon no subject is safe...
  10. No Escape: Emma and her friends are on a school trip but they then find themselves on a terrifying trip back in time.
  11. Dream Demon: Alfie does not want to sleep at Gran Dorry's house, but especially not in the room of his dead uncle Martin. But when he has nightmares that are a little too real, Alfie doesn't want to sleep at all...
  12. Blind Witness: Liam thinks that losing his sight is the worst thing that could happen to him. He's wrong. Soon he begins to see things that no one else can - things he wishes he had never laid eyes upon...


  1. blog kak sha dah berwajah baruuu. serius nampak lebih cantik.. suka!

  2. cantik dah blog ...
    wah, cerita ni semua best ...
    yang Shut Your Mouth tu mcm best nak baca :))


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