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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Underworld : Awakening (2012)

Hye semua..
Cite yang aku x pernah miss sirinya... walaupun dah x g tgk kat wayang tp aku mmg ikot jln citenya... sebab heronya pompuan.. tu yg i suka.. hehehe... grafik die mmg menarik r... Kalo ikut ending cam ade sambungan lg je... hehehe... harap2 ade r sebab watak boyfriend die muncul sekejap je.. xtau ape jd...

aku bg 4 bintang..

Sinopsis Filem : Credit Wikipedia

The events of this movie begin six months after the events of Underworld: Evolution. Humans have captured the priority vampire target, Selene, during "The Purge", a global military crusade to exterminate Vampires and Lycans after mankind learns of their existence. During their crusade, vampires have waged guerrilla warfare against the government, but the humans have overrun their clans and their tribes, forcing survivors to hide underground, and to resist the humans on their own.
Twelve years later, human governments have concluded their brutal genocidal campaigns against the vampires and lycans. They have annihilated 95% of the vampire race, and believe the lycans are extinct. Selene, dubbed "Subject 1", is freed from cryogenic suspension by "Subject 2" and escapes the medical corporation, Antigen. The corporation is ostensibly trying to make an antidote for the virus that creates vampires and lycans. After her escape Selene starts to have strange visions, which she follows, believing them to be linked to her lover, the vampire-lycan hybrid Michael Corvin. The visions lead her into a building where she encounters David, a fellow vampire. While talking to David, Selene has another vision. Following the vision, she discovers a young girl, Eve (Subject 2). Eve is later revealed to be a hybrid and the daughter of Selene and Michael. David, noting that Eve has been injured by the lycans and is not healing, takes her and Selene to his coven. David's father, Thomas, does not welcome them, as he blames Selene for provoking the destruction of the vampire race. He stuns her with the news that Michael died twelve years ago. A vampire woman offers some of her blood to the wounded Eve, who appears unaware of the effects of drinking it, implying that she has never knowingly drank blood before. With Selene's encouragement, she accepts the gift and heals extremely quickly.
Dr. Jacob Lane, director of Antigen, is revealed to be a lycan along with his son, Quint. The "antidote" the corporation has been working on for many years is actually a drug designed to make lycans immune to the deadly effects of silver on their species and to enhance their physical abilities. Eve's hybrid genetic code is required to achieve this, so Lane sends Quint with other lycans to the vampire coven to recapture her. Meanwhile, expecting a human attack, David tries to rally the vampires' resistances to fight back, while his father orders everyone to evacuate and hide. Most of the vampires stay, and arm themselves heavily. Unexpectedly, lycans arrived in large numbers instead, and numerous vampires are slaughtered, a huge blow to the coven as they now realize that humans and lycans are working together. Selene encounters a gigantic "super lycan", later revealed to be Quint, whose body is changed by injections containing Eve's genetic material. Selene is knocked unconscious under a pile of rubble during the fight, Eve is turned over to the lycans by Thomas in exchange for their departure, and David is mortally wounded. Selene decides to save Eve, but first revives David using her immortal blood, given to her by Alexander Corvinus in Evolution.
Selene enlists the help of Detective Sebastian, a human who had been trying to investigate Antigen. Sebastian agrees to help save Eve, admitting he was married to a nurse who was bitten and became a vampire. The two of them had tried to live together as husband and wife but when authorities were going door to door killing vampires and lycans, his wife decided to expose herself to the daylight rather than suffer at the hands of humans. Selene destroys part of Antigen's headquarters using silver gas explosives, forcing Dr. Lane to move Eve out of the building to perform an operation that will create more of the lycan super-serum. Selene escapes from the lycans in the building (Antigen is staffed nearly entirely by lycans). In the process, she finds Michael cryogenically frozen in a laboratory. She punctures his cell with a gunshot to defrost him. Escaping in a van, Dr. Lane is intercepted by Sebastian, and then by Selene, who causes the van to crash. Quint arrives, transforms into his super-lycan form, and fights Selene.
Eve awakens on her stretcher, frees herself from the van, and fights Dr. Lane, who has also injected himself with the super-serum used on Quint. Sebastian and David aid Eve in her fight and she eventually kills Dr. Lane by ripping his throat out. Meanwhile, Quint corners Selene in a small cement guardroom but is forced to revert to his human form to get inside, giving Selene the opportunity to shove an activated silver-based grenade into Quint's body. He heals instantly, trapping the grenade inside. Panicking, Quint half-changes back to his lycan form, but it is too late, and he explodes.
Selene attempts to free Michael but finds he has already escaped. Eve, psychically viewing Michael's sight, learns he is on the roof. Selene, Eve, and David run to the roof, only to find Michael has already gone. Selene narrates, concluding that she will find Michael and take back the world from the humans and lycans, so the vampires can rebuild themselves. Selene continues by concluding that the Vampire Covenant will not only survive this world, but will reclaim it.

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