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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blood is the New Black by Valerie Stivers

Salam ceria kengkawan...

Asyik novel melayu jer..
Meh layan novel BI lak..
Kalau anda peminat cerita vampire dan juga fashion, maka buku ini sesuai dengan anda..
Tapi kalau anda minat fashion ataupun vampire sahaja pun ok jer kalau nak baca..
Cuma bila baca novel ini kena letak kotak logik di tepi..
Novel ini bermain dengan kreativiti anda untuk berimaginasi..
Yellah mana logiknya bila melibatkan vampire..
Sekadar bacaan ringan dan juga santai-santai yer..


Sinopsis :- When nice-girl Kate McGraw finds herself working at Tasty, a magazine with its finger on the pulse of modern style, she’s finally able to put her flair for fashion to good use. But can she keep up with the Tasty staffers? Ethereally beautiful and extremely emaciated, they stay out all night, never look the worse for wear, and are always dressed to kill.

Like everyone else around the office, Kate finds herself begrudgingly reading dispatches from a snarky industry blog that dubs her colleagues “bloodthirsty vamps.” She knows they don’t mean it literally, but . . . she’s heard whispers of “fashion murders” and she has noticed strange things around the office: Like, why doesn’t her boss get laminates to fix her sharp teeth? Why are the blinds always drawn, and why is there a no-garlic policy in the cafeteria? 

As well-dressed bodies begin to pile up near all the hot places, Kate has to wonder if there’s a serial killer loose with a grudge against the stylish. Or if the truth is even more sinister: Are Kate’s coworkers actually undead? And, if so, can she design an exit strategy before she finds herself at Tastyforever?

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